Tepet Xuyiko


Name: Tepet Xuyiko

Aspect: Air

Concept: I’ve Read All The Books.

Motivation: Maintain the Stability of the Realm.

Positive Intimacies: Snow (Stupid Sexy Snow), Vala (The Big Sister I Never Had), Gie (My Cousin Who Looks Like My Twin), Books (The Best Thing Ever), Parents (Mother: My OTHER Twin; Father: A Pretty Cool Dude)
Negative Intimacies: Not Knowing Things (FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF), Being Wrong (this shouldn’t happen)
Experience: 5/285


Str 1 Cha 4 Per 3
Dex 5 Man 2 Int 5
Sta 3 App 4 Wit 2



Ling 5 Awar 2 Athl 3 Bure 2 Arch 1
Lore 5 Craf * Dodg 3 Inve 3 Medi 2
Occu 5 Inte 3 Mele 2 Larc 2 Perf 4
Stea 4 Resi 0 Pres 3 Mart 1 Ride 1
Thro 3 War 1 Soci 2 Sail 0 Surv 0


Presence- So Moe I’m Gonna Die +2
Thrown- Chakram +2, Elemental Bolt Attack +2
Performance- Sanxian +1
Investigation- Inconspicuous +1
Lore- Rare or Obscure History +3
Occult- Salutatorian, Heptagram Year 746 +1

Crafts: Air 1, Water 2

Languages: High Realm, Old Realm, Low Realm, Riverspeak, Flametongue, Seatongue


3 point Merit- Eidetic Recall
3 point flaw- Temperance Vice (Rare and Interesting Books)


Artifact ●● : Blue Jade Chakram, Reinforced Buff Jacket
Artifact ●●● : Ten Thousand Comforts Lounge, Auspicious Secrets Seal, Audient Brush
Artifact ●●● : Essence Scanning Visor, Hearthstone Bracers, Collar of Dragon’s Cleansing Light
Artifact ●●●● : Orichalcum and Jade Infinite Resplendence Amulet, Gylph Projector, Hearthstone Amulet
Breeding ●●●
Manse ●● : Gemstone of Surface Thoughts, Gemstone of Spider’s Eye
Manse ●● : Ghost Walker Crystal
Resource ●●● : Employment!
Backing ● (All-Seeing Eye)[One Dot Free]: Even more employment!


Name Cost Type Duration Page

First Occult Excellency
First Thrown Excellency
First Stealth Excellency
First Lore Excellency
First Investigation Excellency

Feeling the Air Technique
Distracting Breeze Meditation

Elemental Bolt Attack
Elemental Concentration Trance
Elemental Empowerment Meditation

Whirlwind Shield Form
Loyal Weapon

Wind Carried Words Technique
Voices on the Wind

Terrestrial Circle Sorcery

All-Encompassing Earth Sense

Scent-of-Crime Method
Waters of Honesty Method
Tampering Detection Technique


Name Cost Type Duration Page

Emerald Circle Countermagic
The Eye and The Mouth
Corrupted Words
Coin of Distant Vision
Summon Elemental
Incantation of Effective Restoration
Mists of Eventide



Compassion ●●●● □□□
Conviction ●● □□
Temperance ●●● □□□
Valor ●● □□

Virtue Flaw: Compassion

Limit: □□□□□ □□□□□

Social Combat

Willpower: □□□□□ □□
Dodge Mental Defense Value: 7

Physical Combat

Join Battle: 4

Dodge DV: 7

Soak: B:13 L:9 A:7
Soak (Piercing): B:6 L:7 A:4
Hardness: B:5 L:5 A:5

□ -0
□□ -1
□□ -2
□ -4
□ Incapacitated
□□□ Dyying



Anima Effects:

Essence: 3

Personal: 13/13

Peripheral: 15/15/29

Committed Essence: 13m- Hearthstone Bracers- 4m, Buff Jacket- 3m, Infinite Blue Jade Chakram- 5m, I-AM Remote Terminal- 1m,Hearthstone Amulet- 1m
Committed Charms:

Essence Regeneration: 10 active / 14 Resting / 18 Sleeping

Magical Gear

Blue Jade Reinforced Buff Jacket
Hearthstone Bracelets
Infinite Blue Jade Chakram
Hearthstone Amulet
Collar of Dragon’s Clensing Light
Puzzle Box- 5m attune, 1 square foot of elsewhere space
Orichalcum-Jade Infinite Resplendence Amulet
Various plans and documents from Princess’s Tomb
Secret Code Book
Ten Thousand Comforts Lounge
Glyph Projector
*Recorder of Everlasting Glories and Resplendant Personal Assistant. 1m commit

Mundane Gear

Custom Crunch

Custom Charms

Custom Procedures



3bp- Valour 2
3bp- Compassion 4
3bp- Lore 5
3bp- Occult 5
1bp- Medicine 2
1bp- Performance 2
1bp- Manse 2
3bp- Eidetic Recall

Specialty BP

1bp- So Moe I’m Gonna Die +1
1bp- Chakrams +2
1bp- Elemental Bolt Attack +2
1bp- Inconspicious +1, Sanxian +1
1bp- Rare or Obscure History +2

4xp- Manipulation 1 > 2
Wits 1 > 2
Essence 2 > 3
Terrestrial Circle Sorcery
10xp- Summon Elemental
10xp- The Eye and the Mouth
12xp- Stamina 1 >3
Manse 2
10xp- Coin of Distant Vision
10xp- Corrupted Words
10xp- Distracting Breeze Meditation
10xp- Feeling the Air Technique
3xp- Conviction 1 > 2
Craft Air 0 > 1
Craft Water 0 > 2
Linguistics 3 > 4
Voices on the Wind
10xp- All-Encompassing Earth Sense
9xp- Athletics 0 > 3
Presence 1 > 3
Artifact 4
9xp- Artifact 3
3xp- Lore (So Moe I’m Gonna Die) +3
8xp- Wits 2 > 3
First Lore Excellency
3xp- Occult Speciality (Salutatorian, Heptagram Year 746 +1)
8xp- Performance 2 > 4
Linguistics 4 > 5
Stealth 3 > 4
Incantation of Effective Restoration
6xp- Occult Speciality (Salutatorian, Heptagram Year 746 +3)
10xp- Mists of Eventide
5xp- Bureaucracy 2
3xp- Larceny 1
Free- Scent-of-Crime Method
2xp- Larceny 2
Free- Waters of Honesty Method
Free- Elemental Concentration Stance
Free- Tampering Detection Technique
2xp- Melee 2
10xp- Loyal Weapon
10xp- Elemental Empowerment Meditation

Shopping List

10xp- Peacock Shadow Eyes
9xp- Occult Specialty (I happen to be an expert on that! +3)
10xp- Deadly Mirage Ambush


Tepet Xuyiko

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